The Climate Emergency. It is time to act NOW.

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Hello! How are you? Are you about to tuck into your Sunday takeaway and watch your fave Sunday Netflix series? Well hold up, read this, become slightly more enlightened, then get back to your now cold Thai takeaway. I am also having a Thai takeaway tonight.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying summer… for those of you who are in the northern hemisphere! Summer is well underway. And guess what… the days are currently getting shorter. Like literally, June 21st was the longest day. How depressing is that! Anyway, today’s newsletter is even more depressing! Yay! A fun Sunday read 😉 

Today’s newsletter is a rather urgent appeal to you, o loyal Biostays fan, to help us keep afloat and running our company. Because we are running low on fuel to keep our engine going. Covid-19 is affecting everyone. Businesses big and small are struggling. Including us. And in order to keep going, and fighting the climate crisis, we need your help. We have rebranded our crowdfunding campaign to be more urgent. We will also be discussing the climate crisis and how we are really f***ing our planet and ourselves. I won’t keep much of your time, but this is probably our most important newsletter to date.

By our own hands and greed, we are tipping our planet over the edge of its own ability to support life. We must act NOW before it is too late. 

This year, COP26 (UN climate change conference) will be the first step of many necessary steps to get the planet back on track. COP26 will be held in Edinburgh this November. Companies, governments, and organizations, of all sizes, will be having to take the climate crisis much more seriously and new regulations will be put into place in order to make organizations and businesses more eco-friendly… We are helping hotels become more eco-friendly by accepting bookings from us, which will result in acres of rainforest being saved. But is it already too late? Is the current trajectory of human-caused planetary damage going to result in a point of no return? Many top scientists and experts argue yes. The majority of people don’t realize that the climate crisis is going to be, and already is, by far the biggest existential threat to humans. Before our very eyes, we are ignorantly allowing our planet’s natural areas and ecosystems to disappear, by our own hands. Only 30% of birds on our planet are wild. And wildlife only makes up 4% of the total weight of all animals on the planet. The rest are mainly farmed and agricultural animals. We are DESTROYING biodiversity, and tipping our planet over the cliff edge. 

It really is a case of a smart species growing, evolving, and developing rapidly. Consuming resources and expanding their reach, but no one really ever stopped to think… hold on, surely this rate of growth and expansion isn’t sustainable. Surely at some point, the resources will run out and the balance will tip? Why didn’t anyone think this through? The human intrinsic value of greed was perhaps one of the culprits. Our evolution and dominance over our planet grew so much and went unchecked. And now, our planet is reacting like an injured boar – with anger! 

Our website backend team. Very diverse, very fun, very innovative. We are ready to take on the climate crisis and build the future of eco-travel.  

Simple but scary facts

  • Humans have caused the destruction of vast areas of wilderness, essential for biodiversity and mitigating climate change. In the late 1930s, 66% of our planet was a wilderness, and now in 2021, it’s less than 35%. All because a bunch of humans wanted to rear cheap meat, and grow single-species crops to feed the livestock to make that meat. Not to mention enormous palm oil plantations, oil extraction, logging, city expansion, and many others. Humans have been the main and primary drivers of mass extinction in the last 100 years. And currently, 1 million out of 8 million (approx) species are currently endangered and risk extinction. We ARE causing the 6th mass extinction event. 
  • Every day, more than 100,000 acres of rainforest alone get destroyed. This has many knock-on effects. Massive loss of biodiversity, loss of pollinating insects, loss of plants and trees that provide essential moisture to our planet’s air systems as well as extraction of CO2, a greenhouse gas. Without the rainforest, we are losing this ability to stop the climate crisis. Literally, the rainforests of our planet allow us to live and thrive.
  • Humans have overfished and massively reduced natural marine wildlife levels. Mass overfishing causes catastrophic changes in ecosystems and food chains. These can cause imbalances of other species which results in key ocean processes from occurring. The overall results are vast releases of methane, ocean acidification, and destruction of natural ocean habitats like Coral reefs. This is called coral bleaching and the frequency of large-scale coral bleaching events is happening exponentially more frequently in the last 10 years.
  • We create 381 million tons of plastic waste a year. 8 million tons of which end up in the ocean, every year. And the majority of this plastic will never degrade. I know this personally from volunteer trash pick-ups in Japan. Where, on random beaches, you can find trash from Europe, China, and America, among other countries. This plastic literally chokes the ocean, ends up in the food chain, poisoning fish and other marine animals as well as us. That’s right, much of the plastic in the ocean ends up in our bodies as microplastic. Many of which are toxic. 
We organized a trash pick-up with some local fishermen on a small unassuming random beach near Osaka, Japan. In 2 hours, we picked up 200kg of plastic trash. It was shocking.

It’s getting hot in here. In 10 years’ time, you WILL be looking back to this summer and think, ‘why did I ever complain that it wasn’t hot enough?!’. At the current trajectory, we are heading for an approx 4 degree celsius increase in global temperatures by 2100. This is completely catastrophic, but even a 1.5-degree celsius increase in global temperatures by 2050 will cause huge problems. Problems like mass migration – hundreds of millions of people moving away from countries that no longer can support crops and food, and are simply too hot to live in. The oceans will become dead zones because it’s too warm and acidic. Icecaps and the arctic tundra will melt. This has two consequences. The ability of the white surface areas to reflect the sun’s radiating heat will diminish as these frozen areas melt (and they have already at extremely rapid rates) and when they do melt, they release billions of tons of Methane. A gas that has a far stronger greenhouse effect than CO2.

And once it starts, we cannot stop it. A chain reaction causes an unstoppable train of the destruction of our natural environment which will cause the end of our species and many more.  

Humans are on the literal cliff edge of tipping our plan into a state where it is unable to support our civilization anymore. The collapse of ecosystems and biodiversity, the destruction of natural areas, the overfishing and polluting of our oceans, and the dangerous chemicals we release into the atmosphere and oceans which are literally killing us and wildlife… the time to act really is now. Left unchecked and unattended, we are facing extinction. Everyone must mobilize to tackle the biggest existential threat we have ever faced. 

It all seems like doom and gloom. It all seems really sh*t. And it is. BUT, there are simple things you can do, and you can help us help stop the destruction of natural habitats. Our company is running low on funds and we need your help to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. You can buy a travel perk which gives you discounted travel on our website, this really helps us raise money and gain bookings, which saves acres of rainforest. Or you can donate to the campaign. Thank you so much to those who have already donated or bought a perk! For more info and to help us out, please click the button below!

As always, stay safe and have fun!

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