Our first newsletter! Nature is sending us a message.

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Humanity and society have plunged into a total lockdown with no foreseeable release of the COVID19 grip coming anytime soon… sounds like a zombie horror movie strapline. If someone had said that at Christmas just gone, you’d call them madder than… I don’t know, someone very mad. 

It seems every time the news comes round in the evening, it just brings more despair. It’s a bit like a mixture of the film ‘I am legend’ with Will Smith with a sprinkling of the classic ‘Home Alone’…but the boring version. Alas dear Biostays friend, it isn’t all bad. We thought we’d kick off our first official newsletter with some interesting and reassuring facts and news of what the Covid-19 pandemic has brought, and what it means for the future and the future of travel. 

Simply put… a virus has come along of which its entire population could fit in a shot glass, and has now infected over 1 million people worldwide, causing around 3 trillion dollars of economic damage, and prevented over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Of all the industries to have been whacked by COVID19, Social media and video conferencing have boomed. From needy celebrities desperate for attention, singing in their mansions to a little girl crying because she won’t be having a McDonalds or a cheeky Nandos for a while. What gets you famous these days is making a funny and relatable meme about our shared daily predicaments during the lockdown. The world is uniting and recognising that humanity is vulnerable and we all just have to stick together (not literally… get zoom or facetime). We will get through this!

Let’s take a quick look at the world of travel and how Covid-19 has shaken things up a tad.

Flights cancelled in April

Airports and flights are already a stressful and quite gross environment but it’s a fantastic vector for viruses to spread. So inevitably, airlines had to switch off their engines. This alone has had a huge impact on global atmospheric NO2 and CO2 levels. 

NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), the nasty gas released from engines and stuff, has seen a significant drop in emissions since the travel industry has been on pause. Similar to CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels, as you can see below. Sorry about all the graphs, but it’s pretty cool and interesting. Ol’ Mumma nature is taking a nice deep breath and pause. Unfortunately, these will see a sudden sharp rise once life goes back to normal. Or will it?

The CO2 level drops from 2018/9 onwards are partly due to the new climate accords signed by nations like China. But according to our research, over 100 million tones of CO2 have been ‘saved’ from entering the atmosphere as a result of the pandemic. Imagine 100 million Mini Coopers. 

We are an optimistic animal, we look forward to the future. We will come out of this virus, I believe, a better and more ‘woke’ society. Just like BC and AD (Before Christ and anno Domini), we will have a BC (before COVID19) and an AC (After COVID19) society. Compassion, togetherness, appreciation of the small things, more sympathy towards our fragile planet and respect for nature will definitely be the results of this pandemic. Often it takes sh*t times to make you realise the good times and make the necessary changes. Perhaps we will travel more respectfully and locally. We hope that people will get onboard with Biostays and be kinder to nature and our precious little rock orbiting that large fiery ball. 

If you enjoyed this one, please please tell a friend. We want to get as many people on board as possible as it helps raise awareness and investment, so we can get going in helping our rainforests sooner. 

Much love – The Biostays Team.