Living in a wireless world – the dangers of EMF radiation.

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One sec, lemme just check my phone. Sorry mate. No worries buddy I’ll send the money now. Dude, can you do a video call next week on Facetime or something? Ugh, the WiFi is so slow.

We can’t get away from it. We are all wired up and plugged in. The world is becoming ever more wireless, automated and therefore remote (in all senses of the world). Even electric toothbrushes have Bluetooth and AI (I just bought a toothbrush with Bluetooth and AI ?). But does this come at a cost? I mean sure, we know that 5G definitely causes coronavirus… That was sarcasm/irony/and an attempt at humour just there. However, there is rapidly growing concern that wireless radiation, especially 5G has some serious health concerns and in fact, many believe it to be the next major public health concern. Like we needed another public health concern during these times ffs.

Bluetooth, WiFi routers, smart meters and smartphones among others transmit data by EMF microwave radiation. Microwave ovens use the same EMF radiation to heat up your food, hot chocolate, the cat etc. It does this by vibrating molecules of water and therefore heating it up. Even Bluetooth uses EMF radiation and Bluetooth has been included by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) to the possible carcinogen list. Bet you didn’t know that huh. Also, the World Health Organisation in 2011 said that wireless technology is a likely carcinogen. You can even check on your iPhone settings in ‘about’, then ‘legal’, it says you can exceed exposure levels by having your phone closer than 4cms to your body. And this is 3G and 4G… 5G is 100 times more powerful than 4G.

Our brains and nervous systems use electrical systems to transmit and control emotions as well as bodily functions. EMF radiation, by its very nature, does have an effect on these signals. So there is no question that being surrounded by EMF radiation will have an effect on your mood and nervous system. Like when you’re in an office, literally surrounded by thousands of EMF emitting devices and WiFi routers. It’s not just the rubbish feeling you get on a Monday in the office of the job you hate. There is science behind the Monday blues. But post Covid-19 times will mean more working from home so you’re kind of safe there.


The steady rise in cancer rates at the same time as the development and advancement of faster wireless technology.

Science bit

A study by the Faculty of Medicine, Biophysics department at the University of Ankara, Turkey, which was then published in the Brain Research journal, found some very interesting effects of EMF radiation on rats and rabbits. A number of prenatal tests on newborn rats showed that rats that had been exposed to medium (45 mins a day avg) amounts of EMF cellphone radiation before birth, would then go on to having 3 times slower problem-solving skills than unexposed prenatal rats due to damaged hippocampus areas of the brain. As well as this, they had much lower testosterone, higher cancer rates linked to damaged cells and DNA, and also damaged liver cells and enzymes. More tests have been done on middle-aged rats (70-day old rats) and exposing them to 2 hours of cellphone radiation. The tests showed reductions in testosterone and higher counts of liver DNA damage (Enzyme Caspase-3). Other studies have shown that bees, after low exposure to EMF mobile phone radiation, were unable to fly back to their nests. Studies from the Cleveland Clinic and seven other studies found that men who used their smartphones for prolonged periods of time had lower sperm counts. The same was found for women who store their phones in their bras.

A few years ago, The Cancer Epidemiology update review stated that scientific evidence is now adequate to conclude that radiofrequency radiation is a carcinogen to humans (Miller 2008).

It’s irrefutable, the data and evidence are there. Cellphones and other EMF radiation forms are definitely not good for you. And with ever-higher demand for faster download speeds, cough cough 5G,  meaning higher-powered EMF radiation, there are problems ahead.

5G is a higher frequency. Higher frequency means it’s less transmissible over a longer distance so therefore requires more wireless radiation distribution antennas and more power to transmit.

So why isn’t anyone making a big deal of this? Why aren’t the big companies or governments doing anything…

Source: Dr Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington

‘Where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit and who has paid for your chair’

The research on this topic has been looked into extensively but unfortunately, major publications on the topic have been hushed down by stakeholders and beneficiaries of telecoms companies. In fact, many telecoms companies have published their own data saying that EMF exposure poses no health issues. In fact, telecom companies are putting pressure on governments to raise human radiation absorption limits to allow for 5G. That’s totally insane. Humans have never been subjects to such intense radiation in everyday life. So we really don’t know how bad this could affect our bodies long term. The future generations could be looking back as we do to those who didn’t think smoking was bad for us. The future generation will be like ‘why the hell didn’t they realise back then that EMF radiation was harmful!?’.

The regulations are over 20 years old and the regulatory bodies are heavily influenced by telecom and broadband industries and lobbies. Dr Henry Lai, a smart bloke, scientist, research and professor Emeritus of bioengineering at the University of Washington, looked at 326 studies on the biological effects of cellphone radiation. He found that 70% of the independent studies showed harmful effects of cellphone radiation but only 32% of the industry studies showed harmful effects. Way back in 1995 he published a study that showed that rats exposed to low levels of EMF radiation resulted in DNA damage in their brains and brain cancer. 

Wireless comms lobbies are too powerful and the science is heavily funded by the telecom and broadband industry big players. So perhaps we should listen to the whackos wearing tinfoil on their heads in their mum’s attics saying to be wary of 5G.

Anyway, enough depressing sh*t about how are all going to be fried by our phones, here is some good news! 

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