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I hope you are coping well, and that your mind and soul are healthy and strong. Summer is finally here and oh my goodness can we all feel the soul-nourishing effects of that sweet vitamin D.

In the past month or so, the biostays team has grown and we have a lovely team of young, fun, talented and ambitious individuals working together to build the future of travel. 

We are currently planning to build version 2 of the website which will be fully cryptocurrency integrated, seamless, and easy to use, with a wide range of stunning and unique hotels and experiences. This will allow for more bookings on our website which means more acres of rainforest saved. Our goal is to save 1 million acres by 2025. A big undertaking but we need your support.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign and we invite you to consider supporting us. You can do that by purchasing a ‘perk’ (or just by donating some money and we will save 1 acre of rainforest on your belief for every £20 donated, and you’ll get a certificate with your name on it). These perks will give you money back on your next booking on biostays. This helps us enormously and will allow us to start building the future of travel and save the rainforests. At the moment, there is nothing more important than stopping the climate crisis. 

Please click on the link/button below for our crowdfunding campaign. 

As always, stay safe and have fun!

Big love from,

Ed and the Biostays team.

Happy pride month! Let’s all love each other and our planet as if they are our family. The future is acceptance, the future is equality, the future is love.

Some of our new stays on our new website! Click/tap on any of them to check them out.

Wildernest Småland Experience – Sweden

Bergaliv & Ordbaden – Sweden

Lanzarote Retreats (Eco Village Finca De Arrieta) – Lanzarote