Greed. The sin that will end humanity.

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As we grow older, we grow wiser and more selfless. That’s the theory anyway. Extrapolate that out to the rest of our species, and you’d think that we would be smart enough by now to understand cooperation is the key. Especially considering the recent events of Covid-19, social unrest in many countries, military coups, horrendous treatment of populations of people, etc. I guess it takes big events to make us all realize these things. But it’s not quite that simple. 

In this modern-day and age, we are still struggling with the fact that most of us humans have the most dangerous trait ingrained in us; greed. With a trait so destructive and so inherent, perhaps it is the final limiting factor in our evolution and a hurdle that we must overcome. Perhaps we humans have overstayed our welcome on earth and greed is the only thing that will control our population. 

Perhaps greed propelled us from being a very primitive species to being a smart sophisticated species, but will ultimately be the final population control system. 

A year ago, if you had told me that entering a deep consciousness state was attainable by deep meditation, I would have laughed at you and not listened to anything you say after. However, I started to dabble in meditation and found that I was quite ‘good’ at it. Calming the mind and entering a deep transcendental experience. I was recently able to experience an out-of-body experience, which can also be attained by taking certain psychedelic substances. Strangely enough, your body, ego, thoughts, and life problems get left behind and you become aware and engulfed by this deep consciousness that binds everything in the universe. Whether you are the covalent bonds that bind atoms together, or a house plant needing light and water, or a human with emotions, we are all conscious and part of the same dynamically ambiguous and endlessly changing quantum soup. Everything is connected. Everything must work together. Once you realize this, you start to look at the planet and all living organisms as part of the same thing. When that happens, you tend to not look at them as them, or it, but part of you as well. And when that happens, you tend to treat everything with compassion. 

If you look back at human history, it is filled with war, famine, genocide, dictators doing f****d up things and it seems society is slipping into decadence. 

We are destroying our rainforests and our natural resources in order to make money and profits. Blindly unaware of the implications these actions have on the long-term health of the planet. We take over other countries, cause wars, manipulate the people with propaganda and marketing in order to make people buy our products or go to war/fight for a ‘cause’. Perhaps it is impossible to change this train in humans, just like it would be impossible to change the trait of a lion and its urges and impulses to hunt and kill for survival. 

When large international events take place, we humans generally are good at coming together to work together. As seen with Covid19. Everyone (in general) was mobilized together in the effort to protect the vulnerable, not spread the virus and help end the pandemic. So why aren’t we doing this for bigger problems like the climate crisis? 

If everyone worked together, treated others how we want to be treated, collaborate and cooperate, and let go of all greedy characteristics, imagine how far as a species we would go. We could solve the climate emergency, end poverty, cure diseases and elevate human happiness to the next level!

Tell your family and mates about us! We are on a mission to protect the planet while also providing epic places to travel. You’ll be helping us out as well as the rainforest, and therefore our future. 

Lots of love,
Ed and the Biostays team

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