Awasi Experience

Awasi is a collection of three small luxury lodges that offer all-inclusive private programmes in some of South America’s most iconic destinations.

Beauty of Japan Tours

Beauty of Japan Tours’ mission is to spread Japan’s unparalleled culture, history, food, nature, and festivals to the world and assemble an extraordinary local experience for their guests in a responsible way. You will have an unforgettable travel experience while traveling with Beauty of Japan Tours.

Bergaliv and Orbaden Retreat with Mountain Hike and Spa, Vallsta

Retreat to nature for a stay of simple tranquility in loft house, the first of Bergaliv’s retreat houses, on a hillside high above the treetops at ljusnan’s valley. Combine with 24 hours at Orbaden Spa & Resort.

Ecocamp Patagonia Adventure Travel, Chile

EcoCamp was opened in 2001 by Javier, Yerko, and Nani. It was the region’s first fully sustainable accommodation in the south of the Amazon and it is the world’s first geodesic hotel room. The team at EcoCamp is an energetic mix of guides, cooks, assistants, maintenance staff, drivers, housekeepers, and administrators, mainly from the neighboring t...

Hud Hud Travels Glamping, Oman

Hud Hud Travels Glamping is a 5-star glamping organization offering private and bespoke camps in Oman’s most fabulous and unspoiled landscapes. They offer insightful guiding of Oman, fabulously varied day trips, great hospitality, and isolation from the rest of the world.
Melderstein Manor_Sweden_Winter_Experience_4.jpg

Melderstein Manor | Be in “Ore” With the History (4 days)

If you are looking to get away with your family, why not become lord and lady of a Swedish manor as guests of its founder’s descendants, 280 years after it was built.
Melderstein Manor_Sweden_Winter_Experience_1.jpg

Melderstein Manor | Winter Adventure (5 days)

Upon arrival at Luleå Airport, you will be transferred to Melderstein Manor, where the Thingvall family is waiting to welcome you.
Melderstein Manor_Sweden_Northern_Soul_Journeys_4.jpg

Melderstein Manor | Winter Adventure (8 days)

Borrow the Swedish kick sled or take a crispy walk on the frozen Råne River and the surroundings.
Melderstein Manor_Sweden_Northern_Soul_Journeys_3.jpg

Melderstein Manor | Winter Program (4 days)

Give yourself time to enjoy the lovely heat from the sauna, built in a 200-year-old barn.

Nyrups Naturhotell, Sweden

Nyrups Naturhotell is a natural venue. Here, you’ll meet the real soul of nature and experience new, unknown parts of yourself. Nyrups Naturhotell is suitable for hiking weekends, single or romantic excursions – but also a lovely place for anniversaries, working groups, or family gatherings.

Ofelas Islandshästar | Horses, Dogs, Moose and Northern Lights Experience (2 Days)

If you like animals and nature this is a perfect mini-vacation. Riding under the northern lights and dog sledging in daylight, with staying overnight on our horse farm with the animals in the forest around the corner.

Ofelas Islandshästar | Biellugis Trail (3 or 5 days)

To choose a longer tour with an Icelandic horse in the mountains is a perfect way to see the mountains. You get to know the Icelandic horse, have an adventure, be out in nature, sit around a campfire, learn about the Sami culture and sleep in a Sami tent (lávvu).

Ofelas Islandshästar | Feel well on Horseback in the Mountains of Kebnekaise (4 days star ride)

Imagine some days of riding in the mountains, day rides in the valley with nice trails and upon the mountains with a breathtaking view of the mountains of Kebnekaise.

Ofelas Islandshästar | Ratekjokk Trail (7 days)

o choose a longer tour with Icelandic horses in the mountains is a perfect way to see the mountains. You get to know the Icelandic horse, have an adventure, be out in nature, sit around a campfire, learn about the Sami culture and sleep in a Sami tent (lávvu).

Ofelas Islandshästar | Winter Adventure (4 Days)

Welcome for a great winter adventure in the north of Sweden with the best of activities. You get to go reindeer sledging, ride Icelandic horses, learn about the Sami culture and see reindeer and drive snowmobiles.
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