Nyrups Naturhotell, Sweden



A natural meeting place

Nyrups Naturhotell is a natural venue. Here, you’ll meet the real soul of nature and experience new, unknown parts of yourself. But you will also connect in a new way with your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your family, and other guests. Nyrups Naturhotell is suitable for hiking weekends, single or romantic excursions – but also a lovely place for anniversaries, working groups, or family gatherings.

On the terms and conditions of nature

Nyrups Naturhotell can also be called the slow hotel. Here, you’ll cook over the fires and it will take several hours, the conversations in the dark will be long and the silence together will be even longer.

Nyrups Naturhotell team will provide you with local ingredients for you to work with and to enjoy the taste of. Take on the challenge of the outdoor kitchen when you work with the fire, and enjoy the solitude when guides leave you in the evening. After falling asleep to the sound of the raindrops against the woollen roof, you will wake up to birdsong and the early morning light.

Here you’ll be challenged with fire, when you work with the oil lamps and when you try the outdoor shower. But the bed is very comfortable, the hut is bright and welcoming and everything is prepared for your stay.

A very different nature experience

Hiking at Nyrups Naturhotell is an experience with a golden edge. Here you’ll enjoy fabulous walks in the deep forests of Skåne – bring only your most essential clothing. A perfect place for hiking vacations or just an” away from it all” – experience, very different from a city escape. Invite or surprise your partner with this romantic experience and enjoy the darkness, the full moon, and the stars. Here you’ll cook together with local produce from the area and you’ll talk for a long time before you go to bed in the comfortable huts. You can call it hiking, wandering, or walking– a hiking experience at Nyrups Naturhotell is an outdoor activity of the highest class and a stay here will bring you close to Swedish nature. Simply the perfect start or end to vacation in Sweden.

The outdoor kitchen is prepared for you

At Nyrups Naturhotell, you’ll experience solid outdoor cooking on open kitchen fires. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with everything you will need, and if your stay is booked with ingredients for a two-course dinner and breakfast, you’ll also get guidelines and tips for cooking outdoors successfully.

The presence of the fire is a natural ingredient at Nyrups Naturhotell, and after a few nights in the woods, you are a full-fledged caretaker of the fires, regardless of your basic knowledge and earlier experiences.

Nyrups Naturhotell only works with local produce that is in season, and using raw materials will give you a meal in the forest you have never had before.

For groups larger than eight people, the reservation can also include guided cooking – a unique experience of fellowship, focus, and energy that results in a real culinary dinner.

Here you can also enjoy local cheese – either as a little luxurious option or in the form of a cheese walk where the flavors and silence combine.


Close to Nature for Real

A two-night stay that’s the signum for Nyrups Naturhotell. All you need for the stay is included, the Nyrups Naturhotell team will introduce you to all details upon arrival. And by day two, you’ll be a fully skilled guest, working effortlessly with the chores.

Here you get really close to each other, cooking over the outdoor fires, fall asleep under the stars listening to the sounds of nature. Enjoy a slow breakfast with long talks and stillness. Embrace nature on a lovely hike (5-15 kilometers) or just walk to the lake and have a bath, sit for a while beside the small stream or just dwell in the silence and remoteness.

Of course, there are lots of sweet spots to visit if you rather want to leave the forest and explore the surroundings – beautiful castles, small farm shops, Skånes Djurpark, National Parks and nice places to enjoy local food – the team can give you all tips you need for your stay.

Here everything is prepared for you, just head out to the woods. The team will supply everything you need, including fresh produce for dinner, lunch, and breakfast, as well as bedsheets and cleaning. Welcome!

The experience includes:

  • 334 EUR / person
  • Fresh ingredients to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner yourself
  • Bedsheets
  • Cleaning

Hiking Weekend with a Pilgrim Theme

A proper two-nights hiking weekend – but very comfortable, all you need is included and you’ll only bring clothes for the stay. Enjoy a genuine forest adventure with fantastic scenery and hiking in rolling beech tree forest. Here you have plenty of time to discover the beautiful surroundings.

You’ll hike for approximately 5 km (3 miles) to reach Nyrups Naturhotell. It’s a fairly smooth hike, with some hilly passages. At the hotel, you’ll find fresh produce and tips on how to prepare your food over the open fires. Make the bed with soft sheets and fall asleep to the soft murmurs of the beech trees.

The hike spans 17 km (10,5 miles) and requires intermediate skills. It runs along beautiful paths and magnificent scenery. In the evening, you’ll cook your supper over an open fire at the Naturhotell.

In the morning of the third day, you’ll prepare breakfast and then pack some sandwiches and drinks for lunch for the hike. Having checked out, you’ll walk towards Hallaröd’s church along the easily accessible Pilgrim route (about 18 km or 11 miles) which will bring you to Höör.

The experience includes:

  • 343 EUR / person
  • 3 days of hiking
  • 2-night accommodation in a wool yurt
  • 2 days worth of fresh produce for supper and breakfast
  • Fresh produce for packed lunches for day 2 and 3
  • Bedsheets
  • Cleaning

Enjoy the Beech Woods in MittSkåne

This is the only one-night stay experience at the Nyrups Naturhotell. “Enjoy the beech woods” is the right experience if you want to stay just one night at the hotel. Everything is included, so just pack clothes for the stay. Cook your dinner over open fires, fall asleep to the sounds of nature and wake up to the bright natural light and birdsong. Come to Nyrups Naturhotell and enjoy the stillness and presence of the beech tree forest.

After your introduction to the Naturhotell in the afternoon, your ingredients for outdoor cooking over the fires will be waiting for you. Enjoy the cooking and the tasty dinner and fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the trees – dwelling in your comfortable hut. After a long breakfast, you’re going to leave the forest behind you and return to normal life.

The experience includes:

  • 167 EUR / person
  • 1-night accommodation in a wool yurt
  • Fresh produce for supper and breakfast
  • Bedsheets
  • Cleaning

Relax at Nyrups Naturhotell

A more luxurious two-night stay at Nyrups Naturhotell. You’ll enjoy the serenity and fellowship while focusing on the here and now – and you’ll also enjoy local cheese and have the opportunity to try shorter or longer hikes in the area.

You’ll park your car at the parking lot in the forest close to the Naturhotell, and after a short walk, you’ll reach Nyrups Naturhotell, where you’ll be greeted with Swedish handmade cheese and a glass of non-alcoholic refreshments.

As the evening falls, you’ll cook carefully selected produce over an open fire, before allowing the whispers of the wind to lull you to sleep in the soft bed. On the second day, you can choose between different hiking trails, all from 5 up to 18 kilometers in length. Or maybe you just want to stroll to the lake and enjoy the views and have a bath?

You’ll prepare your lunch either on the hiking tour or at the large hut Älvan. Following a last solid breakfast, cooked over an open fire, you’ll leave the forest behind you and walk back to your normal life.

The experience includes:

  • 347 EUR / person
  • 2-night accommodation in a wool yurt
  • Fresh produce for supper and breakfast
  • Cheese platter with non-alcoholic beverage
  • A hearty, local soup to heat up for lunch following your hike
  • Bedsheets
  • Cleaning

Magical Full Moon at Nyrup

Surprise someone you love with a two nights magical full moon experience where the romance is in focus. See the moon sprinkle silver light throughout the woods and enjoy a moonlight walk before you fall asleep to the sound of the forest in your cozy woollen hut.

When you arrive at Nyrups Naturhotell, your woollen hut is especially romantically prepared. The full moon menu consists of luxurious local produce and is easy for you to prepare. If desired you can enjoy your dinner in privacy in your own woollen hut.

The full moon is a magical experience in the forest – if you’re lucky you will see the moon through the roof window in your yurt. Perhaps you go for a lunar light stroll down to the brook together.

During the day, you’ll then enjoy hiking in the fantastic beech forest. After a day’s walk, the dinner basket is prepared with ingredients for the evening dinner that you’ll cook over the open fires in the outdoor kitchen.

The experience includes:

  • 357 EUR / person
  • 2-nights stay in a wool yurt
  • Fresh produce for a full moon dinner with luxurious soup, non-alcoholic beverage, local charcuterie, and chocolate
  • Breakfast in bed on the first morning
  • Lunch to bring with you on the hike
  • Fresh produce for supper day two
  • Fresh produce for breakfast on the leaving day
  • Bedsheets
  • Cleaning when leaving

Additional Services for Your Stay

  • Bring your dog | cleaning fee of 5 EUR / day
  • Local cheese and charcuterie upon arrival | 12 EUR / person
  • Rent a bike | 26 EUR / person / day
To Get Here

To enjoy the experience, you’ll travel by train to the station in Höör and then catch the local bus to Frostavallen. You’re also able to go by car all the way to the nearest parking lot outside the forest new Nyrups Naturhotell and walk the last bit.

  • Check-in between 14:00 – 16:00
  • Check-out before 11:00
  • Book minimum 1 week in advance
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