End of Summer 2020 Round-up

A fun 3-minute read and a video – hang in there

Oh goodness, it has been a while. We haven’t sent out any newsletters for a little longer than usual. This is because the team has been travelling around Europe visiting eco-hotels, taking awesome photos and videos, and generally being cheeky in the mountains. We tried to make the most of the summer. 

Now that summer is over, it’s always a good time to knuckle down, set goals, appreciate, reflect, and keep moving on forward. Grab those timberlands, that woolly sweater at the bottom of the drawer and enjoy the autumn leaves in the wind. Lots have happened recently – new waves of the wretched Covid-19 continue to wreak havoc, causing re-lockdowns and travel bans.

Somewhere in South Tyrol 

As we enter the cooler darker months in the northern hemisphere, and as more lockdown/social distancing rules are set in place again, it is important to remember human contact and nature are vital for spirit and mental wellbeing. We are entering very testing times. Social distancing and lockdown rules, as well as ‘work from home’ protocols are forcing us to be indoors more and cutting out social interactions. Couple this with the relatively new phenomenon of social media triggered dopamine addiction, I think we are going to see really high levels of depression and suicide in the coming years (more than we recently have, which is already really scary). According to many studies, suicide and depression linked to social media in young people (13-20) have gone up 70% in the past decade. The answer to this is getting outside, going for walks, feel the leaves rustle under your feet and try to talk to people (at a 2m distance of course hehe). Don’t worry folks, we will get through this! 

The Biostays team have set out on a few fun road trips this summer, the main one being our epic alps adventure. We drove from London down to the South Tyrol alps via Germany. A very spontaneous trip to see the mountains gave us the soul-nourishing scenery views we needed. Would 10/10 recommend it. Due to Covid-19 quarantine rules, we had to drive through a few counties without stopping, to avoid having to isolate for 2 weeks upon return to the UK. We couldn’t stop in France, Belgium, Switzerland or Austria, but the views were awesome from the window! We, therefore, spent all the time in Bavaria/south Germany, and the northern Italian alps, as well as a cheeky visit to lake Como.

Below is our summer trips video, check it out. A big thanks to Heckfield Place (see below) for the new partnership and invitation to stay. 

Ed and the Biostays team