Steeped in incredible medieval history, boasting some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe, Slovenia is one of the mixing pots of Slavic, Germanic and Romance cultures and languages. Serving as a sort of crossroads for other European countries, Slovenia is beautifully intriguing and charmingly untouched. Slovenia is largely mountainous, and the culture is intertwined with nature and the landscape. It’s no wonder that the culture also embraces the eco and forward-thinking attitude.

Eco Stays

Hotel St. Daniel is a sustainable, organic and holistic house in which you can sleep peacefully, recharge spiritually and move about in a magical environment whilst enjoying organic and healthy food and drink.

51Hz healthy and ionized water, A bathroom (toilet, sink, shower), Air Conditioning, Cotton antiallergic bedding, Free parking, Hair dryer, Organic soap, Pillows and blankets made out of organic, anti-allergenic cotton, Rustic furniture made out of recycled wood, Towels, Wi-fi