One of the most popular destinations of Europe, the centre of European culture and a country with an epic array of sceneries, France is always a great place to visit. From the forest of the north to the sandy beaches of St Tropez in the South, and the glistening snow covered mountains of the Alps, to the delicious fresh seafood of the warm French Riviera, you can find any adventure in France.

Eco Stays

Located in the South-West of France, twenty acres of private land surrounded by a dense forest makes Villa Settimo a natural sanctuary. The property hosts weddings, events and provides design accommodation. We offer limited artist residencies while the surrounding paddocks breed premium, grass-fed Suffolk lamb.
Set 2h from Bordeaux and 3h from Paris, the Domaine des Etangs ranges over 2 500 acres of protected nature. The Domain offers various facilities and activities to its guests : locally-sourced restaurant, wellbeing center, art exhibition with a new exhibition each year, inside and outside swimming pools, floating tennis court, playground for children, bicycles, little boats...

Bicycles, Floating tennis court, Free access to the inside swimming pool (upon booking only due to sanitary restrictions), Free Wi-fi, Playground