Villa Gina, Sweden


In one of the most beautiful places on earth, where the beech forest and fields are joined together by the blue sky, meeting with the sea on the horizon is located, Villa Gina.

With a lifelong passion for interior design, textiles, gardens, and old houses, Villa Gina’s owners created the Österlen dream. Villa Gina’s team want you to experience the very best of what Österlen has to offer.

Villa Gina is a place for everyone – whether you want to have a quiet afternoon in the garden with a book or have a glass of wine in the greenhouse while the sun goes down or even go on a fishing trip far out on the ocean, Villa Gina has it all.

Villa Gina serves homemade breakfast daily. Most of their ingredients including meat, poultry, and vegetables are from local farmers. Eggs are delivered from the next-door farmer and bread is made in the local bakery. Its menu is inspired by its owners’ family’s Hungarian heritage as well as their trips to different places around the world.


  • Biostays certified - this hotel is helping protecting the Rainforest with us.

  • This hotel has been carefully handpicked by our dedicated team.

  • You’re almost an eco warrior! If you book this stay with us, at least 2 acres of rainforest will be protected.

  • Your money is secure and we don’t handle any payments. You will be charged directly by the hotel/property.