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Vesteraas is a blue-washed farmhouse, situated right by the water on the island of Ærø. Nils, the owner of the farm, is glad to welcome you for a stay with local produced courses and get-togethers. If you come for a visit, you will immediately get in touch with the cultural heritage and find yourself surrounded by the beauty and abundance of nature. Be prepared for a simple lifestyle and the rustic charm of the farm, here’s where “simplicity at its finest” really lives up to the expectations. This is the place where everything starts. Come and enjoy your stay at Vesteraas’s beautiful apartments. They are situated right by the sea on the island of Ærø. Both apartments are fully furnished and decorated with care and taste and guarantee a meaningful stay with quietness and beauty for both the soul and the eyes. Each apartment has its own garden, which provides ample opportunity for a leisurely hour in a recliner or a meal together at the garden table or by the fire. You will find infinite opportunities to enjoy a stay according to your wishes. Let the days flow into each other. The surrounding area is a wonderful mosaic of natural elements: sea, stream, forest, beach, cliffs, marshes, and meadows – and they all offer many opportunities to take in a moment in time – depending on your wishes actively or privately, together with others or all by your self. The Vesteraas farm was built 150 years ago. It’s a beautiful setting in the surroundings of the Voderup Klint Nature Reserve. In 2014 the complete area was declared a national landmark due to its outstanding values. The two operators of the farm offer a whole range of sensory and inspirational experiences guests can choose from. The beef of the farm has a very special taste due to the salt marshes. You can participate in guided nature walks and guided tours in nature directly adjacent to Vesteraas. Or you can do a beach safari along the coast, tasting the wild herbs of the area, or participate in a sensory safari, which is a guided tour of mindfulness. You can join a philosophical salon in the beach hut, where the creek flows into the sea – and so much more. By using farm products, Vesteraas encourages the change to good local products, and with their workshops called Natural Zest, they promote the change of nature and culture in practice through guided tours and workshops. Here you’ll learn how to adapt to life in a different way and to find a balance in your everyday life. This is achieved through coaching, instruction, and philosophical inspiration. You’re also able to participate in different adventures on the island that will give you inspiration and collective experiences.

Vesteraas Farm

Vesteraas is offering you a lot of things that you can eat. They have organic beef, which you can buy frozen from their farm shop. It tastes heavenly, it is tender, and it imparts a feeling of lightness to the body and mind if you are among those people, who welcome the fact that the animals have had a good life. Just have a look at how they live. It is also possible to take frozen meat home with you.

Previously, Vesteraas has successfully grown garlic on a large scale, as the island is blessed with abundant sunshine. Later they have grown willow for basket weaving. This year, they are ready to take care of a vegetable garden. Here they grow seasonal vegetables and a variety of herbs, which are ideal for cooking and for making tea.

From hedges and bushes, Vesteraas reaps various berries and fruits such as gooseberries, cherries, sea buckthorn, plum, and elderberry. In the forest orchard and garden of the main house, they harvest nuts, plums, cherries, apples, and pears.

The bees collect honey, which they harvest and it has a golden color, spreads easily, and looks like mother of pearl, while its taste reminds of the plant wealth of our summer fields.


Voderup 41, 5970 Ærøskøbing, Denmark


Vesteraas BED & NATURE | Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is located in the extension of the cowshed in which the animals are free to move and sometimes show themselves. The kitchen and dining area are under glass, so if you’re lucky you’re able to experience a good late-night conversation under the stars with the fireplace next to you.

Vesteraas BED & NATURE | Seahouse

The Seahouse with an ocean view is situated high above the Baltic Sea at the edge of the field. The house was built as a barn and has since been renovated with respect for its cultural heritage. Come and enjoy your stay at Vesteraas’s beautiful apartments.

Vesteraas BED & NATURE | Shelter Area

Vesteraas collaborates with Naturturisme I/S and is part of a project within Nature Tourism called “Blue Bases”. The aim is to promote year-round outdoor activities in the South Funen Archipelago. Three shelters were built in March 2015. These three shelters are small huts made of wood. The location is exceptional, on the outskirts, where land and ...
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