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A unique eco-luxury destination, Playa Viva has something for everyone. You and your loved ones will enjoy the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an environmentally-conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices.

Choose one of the eco-luxury rooms, each with a beachfront view, including the award-winning oceanfront Treehouse. Immerse yourself in nature, attend a morning yoga practice, give back to the local community, engage in a workshop, or just relax completely in paradise. Reserve your stay in Playa Viva and experience the bounty of the local ecosystem while helping it to thrive. The impact is integral to the Playa Viva experience. The hotel is run entirely off-grid — generating 100% of its energy from solar power. The resort works extensively with the local community to support health and education. And Playa Viva labours year-round to restore and revitalize its land. Playa Viva provides a vacation experience that is in integrity with the team’s highest aspirational values for how life should be lived.

The Playa Viva Story

In 2005, the husband and wife team, Sandra and David were introduced to the land that would soon become Playa Viva. They were instantly intrigued by its subtle charm, the teeming life of its estuary, the hills overlooking the beach and small lagoon (which was later discovered to be an archaeological site), the broad expanse of beach and the Turtle Sanctuary. Charmed by the tiny nearby town of Juluchuca, they invested in the property.

Sandra headed out to the Greenbuild Conference in Atlanta in 2005 and interviewed several experts in sustainable development, including Bill Reed. Bill spoke about moving beyond green (doing less damage), beyond sustainable (net neutral) and moving into regeneration (making the place better). This aspirational yet achievable philosophy was perfectly parallel with Sandra’s values and vision. Starting with the Regenerative Development model, a multi-disciplinary team was assembled around a Whole Systems Thinking approach. The team developed a layered map of the property, including a complete “history of place” and map overlays of various “flows,” including energy, water, soil, biodiversity, people, culture, etc. They then debated and agreed upon a set of Core Principles that now define all design and operation decisions.

Core Principles

  • To use cleaner, more abundant and more transparent energy, water and waste streams
  • To promote and create biodiversity
  • To create transformational experiences
  • To promote a meaningful community
  • To create a living legacy

As members of the community of Juluchuca, the team believes that they have a responsibility to leverage the opportunities provided by their guests to create a positive social and environmental impact.

If Playa Viva is to be truly successful, it will be the culmination of more than just a collection of rooms, regenerative design, a team of local employees and a set of aspirational goals. It will be a success if its guests join as partners in creating a new history of a place where the epilogue is a healthier, more educated and more economically vibrant and resilient community and ecosystem. You are invited to participate in creating a better future with Playa Viva.


Juluchuca, Zihuatanejo, Playa Icacos, 40834 Gro., Mexico



Playa Viva | Deluxe Suite

Playa Viva’s Deluxe Suites are part of a 4-Bedroom Casita (one larger structure) consisting of two Deluxe Suites. The Deluxe Suites offer unobstructed ocean views and a shared balcony that serves as a large outdoor living room.

Playa Viva | King Eco Casita

Playa Viva’s King Eco Casitas are one-bedroom self-contained “casitas” that offer complete privacy and unobstructed ocean views.

Playa Viva | Private Casita

Playa Viva’s Private Casita is the most private casita of the hotel and offers an unobstructed ocean view. This room is perfect to be a honeymoon suite, or for an anniversary or a special occasion.

Playa Viva | Queen Eco Casita

Playa Viva’s Queen Eco Casitas are one-bedroom self-contained “casitas” offering complete privacy and a 180° ocean view through the sliding doors.

Playa Viva | Studio

Playa Viva’s Studios are part of the 4-bedroom Casitas. These moderately sized rooms that adjoin the Deluxe Suites can be rented separately. The Studios have unobstructed ocean view.

Playa Viva | Treehouse

Who doesn’t want to stay in an award-winning treehouse by the ocean? Playa Viva’s Treehouse is suspended in palm trees as living “piers” raised six feet above the ground and offers an unobstructed ocean view.
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