Hotel St. Daniel, Štanjel, Slovenia


Nestled in the stunning west country of Slovenia is Hotel St. Daniel. A sustainable, organic and holistic house in which you can sleep peacefully, recharge spiritually and move about in a magical environment whilst enjoying organic and healthy food and drink.

Their primary vision is to create a holistic space, where people with an open spirit can gather. Their vibe and mantra are to make you feel welcome, accepted, satisfied, calm and safe. Just like friends visiting friends home.

All the food and ingredients for the lovely kitchen are locally sourced (less than a kilometre from the property), or grown in the garden! Each room is unique, built with sustainable materials and designed to reduce any EMF and pollution stress.

Organic Lifestyle and living

Hotel St. Daniel embodies the word holistic and organic. On top of their great ethos, their commitment to the environment is very impressive. Here are some of the things they are doing: Heating with environmentally friendly sources, use of sun energy from this year, use of organic cleaning products and cosmetics, sourcing local foods from less than a KM distance, limiting light pollution, recycling and composting, and many others.

The perfect retreat for families, couples and friends in this stunningly untouched part of Europe.


  • Biostays certified - this hotel is helping protecting the Rainforest with us.

  • This hotel has been carefully handpicked by our dedicated team.

  • You’re almost an eco warrior! If you book this stay with us, at least 2 acres of rainforest will be protected.

  • Your money is secure and we don’t handle any payments. You will be charged directly by the hotel/property.

Room / Accommodation Types

Hotel St. Daniel | Standard Double Room

A room perfect for people IN LOVE :). Standard Double Rooms with love and youth concepts.


Prices start at: 119 per night

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