Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve



Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve in Blekinge Archipelago offers a very exclusive facility where the wild animals and nature walks like a red thread through the interior. Within the natural area, which is one of Northern Europe’s largest wildlife reserves, Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve offers secluded accommodations for you who are looking for other experiences than a normal hotel.

For experience and relaxation book an overnight stay at Eriksberg. You will have lots of time to relax, enjoy the harmonious atmosphere at Eriksberg, the great food, and the beautiful nature.

On the animals’ and nature’s terms!

Driving through the gate into Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve is like entering a new world.

Here you will meet wildlife on the animals’ terms, with wild red deer, fallow deer, Père David’s deer, European bison, wild boar, and moufflon roaming freely together in Scandinavia’s biggest safari park.

Eriksberg also has buildings spanning five centuries that now house a hotel with luxury accommodation, restaurants, conference facilities, a wine cellar, and a farm shop that sells Eriksberg’s own game products and souvenirs. 


Guöviksvägen 353, 374 96 Trensum, Sweden


Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Kyrkesta

The croft is located in the beautiful archipelago in the southeast of Sweden and is probably built in the mid-1820s. It has been renovated so that the visitors can stay here without electricity and water, close to the animals and nature.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Safarivillan Suite Big Five

Safarivillan Suite Big Five is a spacious suite decorated very tastefully for two persons. It has a big veranda, a wonderful view, and light coming from the large window sections in three directions.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | The Illusion Villa

The Illusion Villa is one of Eriksberg’s most spectacular accommodations, where you will be situated in the middle of nature while facing an astonishing view over Mahraviken. By floating in the air and being in the middle of nature with the animals, creates a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Dammvillan

Dammvillan is a beautiful half-timbered house with a thatched roof and four personally decorated hotel rooms. Dammvillan has a nice view over the dam and a meadow where the animals usually stop and graze.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Mahravillan Suite Davidshjorten

Mahravillan Suite Davidshjorten is a spacious suite with a big terrace and a beautiful view over the dam. The room is in warm brown and yellow colors and tastefully decorated with a double bed and genuine furniture. It also has a very spacious and exclusive bathroom with your own sauna, bath, and separate shower.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Glamping – Glamorous Camping

The glamping is for two adults. There is no electricity or running water and the interior design is specifically made to be unique and to blend in.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Mahravillan Double Room

Mahravillan has four double rooms, all of which are personally decorated, and a lovely big terrace with a beautiful view over the dam. Mahravillan has been adapted for people with disabilities.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Safarivillan Double Room

All the Safarivillan Double Rooms have a lovely big veranda with a beautiful view over the Savannah, where the peacefully roaming animals like to graze.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | Säteriet Suite

Säteriet, with its classic sober elegance, has undergone extensive conversion and extension. As well as the glazed-in restaurant Havsörnen, there are conference rooms, lounges, a relaxation area with hot tubs, a bar, and a sauna, and three very nice suites. Out on the big terraces, there is a fantastic view of the animals, which like to graze on th...

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | The Lily Croft Double Room

The Lily Croft is located in a private bay offering double rooms, suites and a conference room. The Lily Croft Double Room is adjusted to be a part of the beautiful environment but also to offer extra high standard and safety.

Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve | The Lily Croft Suite

The Lily Croft is located in a private bay offering double rooms, suites and a conference room. The Lily Croft Suite lies in the isolated Mahraviken, with the sea and the breathtaking nature along with wild animals just outside the window.
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