Biolandhaus Arche, Austrian Alps


A stunning little eco hotel in the jaw dropping southern Austrian mountains. Biolandhaus Arche is Austria’s first eco hotel and ecolabel hotel. Their commitment to natural living and harmony with nature is superb. 

Each room is fitting and furnished with natural pine, and clay for a warm, sweet smelling atmosphere that helps restful sleep. It has been proven that pine actually lowers heart rate and relaxes the mind. Ilmar Tessman, the hotel manager was a rodmaker and at that time measured all rooms energetically and radically. In addition, neutral fields were created in all rooms. Each tree has two poles: a positive one in the crown and a negative one in the root. If the floor is laid positively to negatively, a neutral field is created for a healthy sleep. The weak radio field supports the positive effect. 

None of the rooms have TV’s or radios in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

As well as natural pine in the rooms, all the furniture is made of natural woods, and the walls are made of clay to ensure a good flowing indoor climate. 

All food and water at Biolandhaus Arche is natural, organic and locally sourced where possible. 

There are a number of fantastic hikes and nature treks in the surrounding Carinthia mountains. These include exploring the Görtschitztal and the Lavanttal hills area, mountain hiking to power spots, mountain biking, and skiing in winter. 

A fantastic hotel to get away from work, the city and the buzz of life and come closer to nature and outdoor activities.


  • Biostays certified - this hotel is helping protecting the Rainforest with us.

  • This hotel has been carefully handpicked by our dedicated team.

  • You’re almost an eco warrior! If you book this stay with us, at least 2 acres of rainforest will be protected.

  • Your money is secure and we don’t handle any payments. You will be charged directly by the hotel/property.