Ängavallen, Sweden


With love and respect for animals and nature. Food with no added medicines or chemicals.

If you’ve never come to Ängavallen, it’s time you do! Ecology and gastronomy go hand in hand here. At Ängavallen the animals are treated with the greatest respect. The truth is that the way they are reared is unique throughout the world! Human beings can also enjoy the beautiful countryside and capture the aroma of the herb garden’s produce to be used in the restaurant along with raw materials from Ängavallen’s own farm.

Ängavallen’s intimate and comfortable hotel has a total of 19 rooms and offers first-class accommodation in a genuine Scandinavian environment. There are 58 beds in Möllegården’s 8 rooms, Örtagården’s 4 rooms and 7 rooms in Gammelgården. The smallest details in the hotel have been carefully selected, from the hand-made bricks in the exterior to the old-fashioned bathroom fittings and the comfortable beds.

Ängavallen will provide you with organic produce from their own farm and milk- and creamery. They are located in the beautiful Ängavallen Park surrounded by free-range animals such as pigs, cows, and sheep.

Ängavallen’s Breakfast

From Ängavallen’s own bakery, milkery and charcuterie, and other products from their organic farm, they will compose the perfect breakfast. Ängavallen’s breakfast buffet is not just 100 percent organic, it is also fantastically substantial. There are about 20 kinds of tea, five or six kinds of juice, soured milk, yogurt, homemade bread, eggs, chipolata sausages, cold meats, fruit, and cheese. It’s almost like a brunch. You can purchase your favorite foods in the farm shop to take home with you and if you want to prolong your time here all you have to do is book into this comfortable hotel.

Ängavallen will provide you with the most ultimate eco-friendly experience.


  • Biostays certified - this hotel is helping protecting the Rainforest with us.

  • This hotel has been carefully handpicked by our dedicated team.

  • You’re almost an eco warrior! If you book this stay with us, at least 2 acres of rainforest will be protected.

  • Your money is secure and we don’t handle any payments. You will be charged directly by the hotel/property.

Room / Accommodation Types

Ängavallen | Gammelgården

Ängavallen Gammelgården’s seven double rooms are made with hand-made brick walls, original arched windows from the late 19th century, and exposed oak beams are preserved to keep the antique touch.


Prices start at: 134 per night

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Ängavallen | Möllegården

Ängavallen’s Möllegården is a Scandinavian row farmhouse containing 8 apartments, each apartment is equipped with 4 beds.


Prices start at: 138 per night

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