Desertification; How we are destroying our last stand against the climate crisis.

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2/3 of the world’s topsoil is desertifying. Desertification is the process where fertile and biologically significant topsoil becomes eroded and damaged, usually always by human activity, rendering the land unable to support life, vegetation, or absorb carbon dioxide from the air as it should. The main cause of desertification is land overuse- not letting the soil recover, on a grand scale. This may not sound scary, but read on. Trust me, your life depends on it.

Today we talk about this fast new phenomenon that is causing experts to really start sweating. And why it might be too late. 

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According to the UN, the remaining topsoil on earth will be gone in 60 years if we do not adopt more eco-friendly agricultural solutions. That’s 60 harvests left. Read that again, please. We literally have 60 harvests left, ever.

What is causing desertification and why is it a problem? 

These days with such enormous demand for fast food, fast fashion, and cosmetic products, our appetite for consuming ever better and cheaper products has come at a colossal planetary cost. And the problem starts with advertising and marketing. We are being manipulated by marketing and media that tell us in order to appear sophisticated and a ‘good person’, you must have the latest gadgets/fashion/eat the most lavish food, and drive the best cars. Unfortunately, this attitude of greed only leads to more greed and ultimately depression and a sense of emptiness (I highly recommend you watch ‘The Minimalists: Less is More’ on Netflix). 

This new era of dopamine-based marketing and advertising is making people spend all their money on things they won’t keep that long, making a few people at the tops of these companies rich, but most importantly, it is totally fu*king our planet up. And it’s such a big issue, and it’s such a clear demonstration of how greed completely destroys everything and everyone, that it makes me really angry. The total disregard of our planet in order to line the pockets of a few should be criminal. 

Fertile and healthy soil has an amazing capacity to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. And in fact, it has the potential to absorb more carbon than all the forests and plants on the planet combined. And so far, humans have destroyed or are destroying two-thirds of our planet’s topsoil. YAY HUMANS.

Topsoil is not only crucial for absorbing and storing carbon, it obviously allows plants, animals, and wildlife to live. Fertile soil is the very foundation of biodiversity. All of which are essential for our crops and food too. Experts believe we are losing topsoil 100 times faster than it is forming. 

At current trajectories, we will have another 3 billion humans on this planet by 2050. All these humans will want to have similar lives as the middle class of the 21st century. And our planet simply cannot sustain that many humans on it without radically changing the way we consume resources. Bear in mind that if everyone in China had the same lives as middle-class westerners, we would need another 2 planet earth worth of resources to keep up…

So today you walk away with yet another thing on your mind. Another bit of depressing news on how humans are committing indirect suicide by killing our planet. So what can you do? Here are a few easy things. Watch ‘Kiss The Ground’ on Netflix, re-use your old clothes, or at least consider not buying a bunch of new clothes just cause you don’t have an outfit for the weekend, consume less meat, or if you still want to eat meat, make sure it is sustainably farmed or at least organic, and lastly, tell your friends about us. 

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As always, stay safe and have fun!

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