Consciousness, the mind, quantum physics and extraterrestrial life.

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Here we are! Back again with the topical controversial conversations. Oh, I’ve missed stirring up your thoughts and imagination. In today’s newsletter, I talk briefly about consciousness, quantum physics, and our place in the universe. Buckle up for a crazy ride! 

In this day and age, we are very much consumed by our everyday lives and our own little bubble. We have so many stimulants that render us not needing or pursuing other meaningful pursuits. Social media, the news, mainstream media, and your surroundings all dictate what you think reality really is. But as time goes on and as a species, our brains evolve, so does our culture and understanding of science. We begin to uncover amazing new things that aid in our evolution. 

Consciousness, the mind and quantum physics 

In recent years, boffins and scientists around the world are starting to discover the real meaning and effects of quantum entanglement, and how it links into consciousness. Consciousness itself isn’t fully understood yet, but we are slowly piecing things together. In fact, the very laws and rules of physics laid down by geniuses like Albert Einstein are being challenged. 

It started in roughly 1935 when Albert Einstein along with a few others published a paper on a physics phenomenon called entanglement. Einstein called it ‘Spooky action at distance’. Freedman and Clauser in the 1970s did an experiment where photon’s born from the same light source was separated at a great distance. Then when one of the photon’s polarities was flipped, the other photons’ polarity flipped simultaneously. In recent years, the phenomenon of entanglement has been looked into more and more deeply, which has challenged our understanding of consciousness and the universe. 

Professor Jahn, the Dean of Engineering at Princeton University carried out an experiment with a random number generator that spat our 1’s and 0’s at random. And he got normal people like you and me to sit in front of it and with their intent (thinking about one number more) and the computer would start to mean/median shift toward the number that the people were thinking about/intending.

A real photo I took in Japan a few years ago. We had to sit dead still for the 30-second long exposure. You can see the stunning milky way, our local galactic neighbourhood. It would take you nearly 53,000 years to travel across if you were able to travel at the speed of light. That’s a long milk run!

Mind matter interaction – a bunch of groundbreaking experiments

An experiment called ‘The plant R and G’ experiment by Professor Jahn and his protege Adam Michael Curry (an entrepreneur and scientist) was another groundbreaking experiment. They built a room with no windows or lights in it apart from one growing lamp on the roof of the room. This lamp would shine in all four corners of the rooms at random, and the direction it shone was controlled by a random number generator. This means the lamp would shine in all four corners of the room equally. They then put a house plant in one corner of the room and what they found was the lamp would shine in that corner more often than the others. This has huge implications on our understanding of probability and consciousness. If a simple being like a plant can alter the outcome of an intrinsically random process towards its favour by intent, imagine what more complex beings like us can do. 

Dr Masaru Emoto, an author and scientist, carried out an interesting experiment on freezing water, where he would get people to put their intent on freezing water in front of them. He photographed the crystalline structures and based on their emotions, the crystalline structures would be beautiful or really ugly, depending on the positive or negative state of emotions.

The Global Consciousness Project. 

Starting in 1998, Dr Nelson with his team and the Institute of Noetic Sciences carried out a large scale parapsychology study. They placed dozens of random number generators all over the planet to see if there was such a thing as a global consciousness of all life on earth. What they found was during big world events like the Concorde crash, Princess Diana’s death and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the random number generators became extremely cohesive and united in the data output. The odds of this are 1 in 100 billion and demonstrates a profound understanding of consciousness and the universe. 

What is consciousness? What is the universe? Are the minds and consciousness of all sentient beings and matter in the universe all inexplicably connected and interwoven? Are our physical bodies just visceral vehicles in which we play out our mundane human lives? What is the bigger picture? It is a question that has baffled philosophers, and indeed still baffles scientists to this day. 

If you look back in history, many old religions talk about deep meditative states where you can access this deep consciousness and universe. Some even talk about being able to see in the future, enable renovate viewing and ESP, even change states of matter. If everything is incomprehensibly linked and connected, as demonstrated by the above experiments, then these hypotheses are not too far fetched.  

Speaking from personal experience – I do mediation and have been recently practising deep transcendental meditation. I had an out of body experience recently that was so profound that I struggled to sleep for the next week. I entered a deep meditative state and became aware that my mind and consciousness were part of a bigger thing, and that my body was just a meaty bony blood-filled vector or vehicle to live my life on earth. After all, all we currently think of as consciousness is basically electrical signals interpreted by our brains from our eyes, ears, nose, etc. There is something bigger, and deeper than what we see on the surface.

Another photo I took, this time in Morocco. A beautiful Argan tree and the Milkyway Galaxy intertwining.

Extraterrestrial Life

This brings us to the next and final part of this newsletter. A question that apparently has stumped scientists and the world community for decades. However, last year the governments and intelligence community have admitted that ET’s do indeed exist by releasing millions of documents on the CIA and FBI websites. It made big news. 

The question of us being alone in the universe is simply impossible, mathematically and statistically. If you take Drake’s equation, which is used to try to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilisations in our galaxy alone, the numbers are vast. Extrapolate that out into the hundreds of billions of known galaxies in the observable universe, and it becomes clear that there must be countless civilisations out in the universe. And who is far more intelligent and advanced than us. The more we realise this, the less ‘Alien’ they are. They are in fact just other species living on other planets, and not on the other side of our planet.

A hundred years ago, people from England or Europe would have looked at people from, say, Asian or African countries as very different. We start to realise that this isn’t a human universe, and it’s not revolving around us. There may be many civilizations out there, who are hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions or billions of years in advance of us. They likely have evolved to understand that living sustainably on our planet is the way forward and greed does not ensure long term survival. Collaboration and cooperation do. As a species, humans are very reductive, destructive, and greedy. These values do not ensure the survival of a species. They may have helped us get out of the stone age, but not as an enlightened and smart, interplanetary species. 

Why haven’t we made contact or seen them yet?

The short answer is, we have. Many many people claim to have seen and made contact with Extraterrestrial species. An interesting documentary that I recommend you to watch is ‘Close encounters of the fifth kind’ on Amazon Prime. It is a fascinating insight into the topic of consciousness and ET life. 

These ET’s would have to have stunningly advanced technology to travel through space. You can’t travel through space at the speed of light in a linear motion, it’s too slow. More likely, the speed of thought, cross dimensionally spanning the cosmos. So for ETs to be able to reach earth, they would need incredibly advanced technology, the likes of which would be almost impossible for us to comprehend. Imagine showing your smartphone to someone 100 years ago. They would have absolutely no idea what it is. Now imagine a species hundreds of thousands or millions of years more advanced than us. They will have worked out quantum physics, universal consciousness and values that make a species survive. What if they have come to earth before and made contact, but been shunned by the international intelligence community and governments. We don’t want to lose dominion over our planet. The technologies that ET’s have would liberate us from fossil fuels, agriculture, big pharma, financial, and all other industries totally obsolete. 

This would change our planet and society in an instant. If we get into this deep state of consciousness and realize that we are all just part of the universe and consciousness, then they are no longer ‘aliens’ but actually just other species of the same intergalactic family. And then, togetherness and unity become a universal inner trait. Ain’t that awesome?!

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ – Arthur C Clark

If there really are ET’s visiting earth, then they are likely very concerned about how humans are treating each other, and indeed our planet. And so are we! So for your next holiday, book a stay with us and we will save the rainforest! Thanks a lot for reading. 
Ed and the Biostays team

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