Biostays Brecon Beacons Adventure!

A 2-minute read and a video – hang in there

Well look at that, we are well and truly into Autumn. The last time we spoke, I still was kind of grasping at the last remnants of summer/in denial that summer was over and the year so far had been shit. Cause you know, after summer ends it’s basically the end of the year. Although I am a sucker for cosy Autumn/winter vibes.

Epic Brecon Beacons sunset

A few days ago I tested positive for Covid-19. As I sit here writing this article, on a Saturday night (because I’m not allowed out till next week) I’m thinking… is this it?! Is this what the world is cowering down to? Is this the virus that has caused a trillion dollars worth of international businesses damage, put economies on their knees and stop the entire world in its tracks? Honestly, I have had 1000 times worse hangovers. My only symptoms are the total lack of taste and smell and a slightly stuffy nose. I finally have the famous virus that everyone is completely terrified of and I wouldn’t have even realised it if it weren’t for the test (I got the test because a family member got tested positive and had similar very mild symptoms, and she’s 60!). Granted I am young fit and healthy, and indeed I don’t fit in the ‘at risk’ category. And I know many people are or have been seriously affected by the virus. I have friends who have lost loved ones and other friends by the virus so I am by no means downplaying the severity it poses to some people. But I also think it’s important to gain perspective, which, being in the fortunate position I am being young and healthy and therefore unaffected by the virus, I feel I have gained. Media, and especially social media, is designed to monopolise your attention. It’s the only way they make money and please shareholders. We no longer live in the information age – we live in the disinformation age where attention is monopolised by the big media players and sold to the highest bidder. It’s resulting in the destruction of democracy, it’s the brainwashing of ill-informed people and it’s the polarisation of the population. 

For the past 6 months, all the news has been nothing but how many people are dying of covid19, how the hospitals are full, and how pretty soon we will be walking around a deserted London in some sort of Danny Boyle zombie movie. We get it, there is a dangerous virus. But don’t forget that the media has incentives to A. sell, and B. scare you as much as possible into being inside and avoiding others to therefore stop the spread, which is good. But generally, the media is going to make it sound way worse so that it has a higher hit rate and the chance of manipulation. Consider that the pattern of most viruses and parasites (like malaria) is to evolve to become less dangerous and lethal – it’s not in the virus or parasites interest to kill its host. My point is if you’re constantly consuming vast quantities of media and news from mainstream media and social media sources, your opinion will be heavily shaped by those creating that media. 

Pen Y Fan

Get outside, do some exercise, take vitamin D.

The recent debate about Vitamin D and its link to Covid-19 is interesting. 

Medium skin colour (type III to type V) which is lighter skin to olive coloured skin that will tan if exposed to sun, requires approximately 1 hour in the sun to get sufficient vitamin D. Across the board, around 1000IU of vitamin D is what you need to be healthy. Obviously, sitting for an hour in the sun every day is not favourable as you’d age faster than Keith Richards. 

The winter months are closing in, don’t let that discourage you from hiking that hill, going for that run in the park, or taking your dog for that walk. Let’s keep healthy!

I’ll tell people I climbed Pen Y Fan like this…

Last week the team and I explored the Brecon Beacons. A great thank you to Rhiwddu Barns for accommodating us (more on that below). 

The Brecon Beacons are famously known to be one of the most stunning landscapes of Britain. With dramatic mountains and stunning rolling hills, they have been used in many movies, TV shows (like a top gear) and lots of military exercises. 

The Brecon Beacons are known as the top 10 darkest places in the world at night due to the extremely low light pollution. This results in the most stunning sunsets and stars you’ve ever seen. We hiked the famous Pen Y Fan, where the Special Air Service of the British military do their fitness tests. And I can see why. The views were insane, and the vibes were good. Check out our video below! 

Ed and the Biostays team