Hotel St. Daniel | Superior Double Room

Room Description

Each room contains:

  • Rustic furniture made out of recycled wood
  • Cotton antiallergic bedding
  • Pillows and blankets made out of organic, anti-allergenic cotton
  • A balcony overlooking a vineyard, a herbal garden or the typical Karst landscape
  • In front of the room there is a lounge for socialising and sharing moments (reading room, a fireplace ...)
  • Bedding is washed with organic washing powder with no softener.

Extras (Not included in the price):

  • Crib: 10€/day
  • Tourist tax: 2,00 € per person/day
  • Children up to 6 years gratis
  • Sauna 15€/person
  • Bike rent 15€/3h
  • Pets 10€/night



In modern society, where money is valued above everything and interpersonal relationships have long been getting weaker. 

The Connection apartment, with its spaciousness and cozy atmosphere, invites you to fill it with a genuine connection with your loved ones. Establish a connection in the loving arms of Mother Nature.

The Solfeggio frequency  639 Hz signifies CONNECTION and HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. 

Beneficial effects:

  • Stimulates cellular activity.
  • Improves communication and understanding.
  • Promotes tolerance.
  • Reinforces love.


But nature does not only represent connection, but also a spontaneous, perfect balance. Human beings have long strived to achieve natural balance, but often far too aggressively. 

The Balance apartment, along with all the other services that the hotel offers, will help you stop seeking balance and start feeling it.

Saunas, therapies and carefully prepared meals will take care of your body, while your mind and heart will find their balance in the quiet of the Karst landscape, the sweet air and the comfort of the Balance apartment. 

The Solfeggio frequency  741 Hz signifies BALANCE.

Beneficial effects:

  • Detoxifies the body and the soul.
  • Promotes self-expression.


When was the last time that you truly perceived the "here and now"?

Due to the dizzying speed of modern life, mental disorders and emotional fatigue are becoming more and more common. Depression is sometimes referred to as an ailment of the past, since it originates from past experiences, while anxiousness and panic are known as ailments of the future since the feelings of worry that they cause are projected in the future. All of these disorders are caused by not living in the moment, by not being fully present and aware of "here and now".

The Awareness apartment was designed for you to reconnect with yourselves and your own internal perception of time and space.

Become aware of yourselves and your own true importance.

The Solfeggio frequency 852 Hz pomeni AWARENESS.

Beneficial effects:

  • Promotes self-awareness.
  • Restores spiritual order and peace.
You will be charged in EUR directly by Hotel St. Daniel, Štanjel, Slovenia after the booking is completed. Have a nice time!


  • Check-in is between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Check-out is before 10 a.m.
  • Self-service breakfast is available from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • All prices are in Euro (€) and they include VAT.
  • Peace during the night is very important for the guests. Penalties to not respect night peace from 23.00 till 6.00 will be charged 300,00€.
  • Cancellation Rule: 21 days prior to the arrival: free of charge
  • Cancellation Rule: 20 -7 days prior to the arrival: 40% of full price
  • Cancellation Rule: 7 -0 days prior to the arrival: 100% of full price
  • Hotel St. Daniel charges full price of the stay when leaving early on your reservation
  • Different refund conditions apply for some cancellations (e.g. force majeure...).
  • You’re almost an eco warrior! If you book this stay with us, at least 2 acres of rainforest will be protected.

  • Your money is secure and we don’t handle any payments. You will be charged directly by the hotel/property.

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