Eco Stays

The Sun is both colour and light; the only star that shines in the blue sky. A majestic paradox showcased on the bedroom wall with Laurent Grasso’s “Soleil Double”: two brushed brass discs which play with the outdoor light, in contrast with the neighbouring neon which distils light from within. In the bedroom, all the works of art reference the sun, and their colour palettes are inspired by each of its ray. In front of the bed, like an invitation to travel, stands a chest of drawers composed of stacked suitcases by Maarten de Ceulaer.
In the centre, under the wood beams, a fountain flows by the staircase leading upstairs. On the walls, like a kaleidoscope of terracotta, a caparison in ochre openwork tiles enfolds you in its warmth. In the Dragon’s lair, the elements combine. This stately farmhouse spans 393 m² and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature and ponds. Its five rooms can accommodate a total of 10 guests.
Bathed in sunlight, Pégase seems to carry all the world’s hopes of beauty on its wings. It is crossed by a huge wooden footbridge that, at first glance, appears to divide it yet simply creates an invisible barrier between the hall and lounge. The Pégase farmhouse covers 273 m² and has five bedrooms, including three on the ground floor.
Located below Pégase and built on a rock, Cassiopée welcomes you in its peaceful setting. To the right, after the door, stands a huge fireplace with a welcoming hearth. Cassiopée is located at the heart of the Domaine, stretching over 221 m², with two upstairs bedrooms: Univers and Astéroïde.
Venus is the largest and cosiest of our suites. A place that nurtures love and beauty. The bedroom is bathed in light streaming in from the windows and from the extraordinary “wall of water” photographic composition by Dieter Appelt. 27 photographs of water reflections in dark silver which open the wall onto an impossible ocean.
Welcome to the kingdom of chiaroscuro, bathed in blue and silver, designed to let you dream and lose yourself in the natural rhythm of time. The bedroom, intimate and cosy, fosters introspection when, as you lie down, your gaze is drawn to the glass ceiling that reveals the interior architecture of the tower.
Open any of the five doors of the lounge to reveal Jupiter’s orderly, beaming wisdom. A lounge, a bedroom, a walk-in shower, a hidden dressing room. Each room can be shut off from the others to allow guests the pleasure of opening and discovering them.