Eco Stays

Ängavallen Gammelgården's seven double rooms are made with hand-made brick walls, original arched windows from the late 19th century, and exposed oak beams are preserved to keep the antique touch.
The sights and sounds of Lule Rivers’s tranquil atmosphere are welcomed into the six luxury glass igloo boats which line the river shore and dot the ancient growth forest, a tribute to the architectural knowledge from the arctic history with contemporary comforts and custom furnishings.
Tucked away in the deep boreal forests of Swedish Lapland is an absolute hidden gem of a getaway. By a bend in the Råne River is Arctic Retreat, the ultimate Arctic getaway. The Wind Cabin is perfect from 2 people up to groups of 4. With a loft and a double bed and 2 bunk beds in the downstairs area, it's the perfect cabin for families or bigger groups.
Arctic Retreat's traditional timber cabins feature floor-to-ceiling north-facing windows, perfect for keeping an eye out for the elusive Northern Lights. The open-plan living areas have a cosy living area with a fireplace and outside you have a private outdoor jacuzzi. The Water Cabin is perfect for 2-3 people. There is a double bed on the ground floor following a single bed in the loft.
Explore Arctic nature by snowmobile, dogsled, or skis, the arrays of guided experiences are many, and regardless of the day's adventures a warm dip in your jacuzzi, perhaps a visit to the sauna, and definitely a wholesome 3-course dinner await you. The Sun Cabin is made for 2 people with a cozy loft and a double bed, perfect for a couple or two friends!
The Greenhouse is located in the extension of the cowshed in which the animals are free to move and sometimes show themselves. The kitchen and dining area are under glass, so if you're lucky you're able to experience a good late-night conversation under the stars with the fireplace next to you.
Els Cingles is located in what was the old attic of the house, properly restored and renewed. Designed to create a warm and cozy feeling, the room is fully equipped and comes with everything needed to enjoy a peaceful holiday.
La Caseta was the first apartment to be restored, and was originally the living house of the farmworkers. Renewed to create a warm and cozy feeling in rustic Catalan style, it comes with everything needed to enjoy a peaceful holiday.
The Single Room has new fresh flooring and beautiful coloring. Pensionat Järnavik's collaboration with the furniture makers in Ronneby resulted in a comfortable 105 cm raised bed with a custom-made headboard for this room.