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Travel is one of the worst industries for the environment. We want to change that.
Halting rainforest deforestation and allowing for regrowth could mitigate up to 50% of net global emissions through 2050, and reverse catastrophic biodiversity loss.Therefore we can not only save our species from extinction, we can save our planet by protecting the rainforests. They are the lungs of our planet. In addition, the majority of the world’s plants and animals are found there. We depend on rainforests for one fifth of all freshwater on the planet and for removing around 2 billion tons of CO2 from our atmosphere, cooling our planet and keeping it healthy. This is why we partner with Rainforest Trust.

We want to change
the travel industry

& save the planet while exploring it.

Every hand picked stay is eco-friendly.

We also display nature experiences.

Every booking with us will save at .

least 2 acres of Rainforest

The birth of the next big thing in eco-travel

Where the F*** is all the snow?
During a ski trip in Japan, Ed noticed the lack of snow. There should be meters of it. He then started to do some research, asking locals about this issue. It turned out there is less and less snow every year because of the rapidly worsening climate crisis. There must be a way of travelling while giving back to the planet.

Our partnership with Rainforest Trust

Travel is one of the worst industries for the environment. We want to change that.
We've been giving back since the beginning. So far we've protected 769 acres of rainforest. Which is the equivalent of 437 football fields and will remove 76,900 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Book your next adventure with us, and help us reach our target of 1 million acres of rainforest saved by 2025.

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Tourism declares a climate emergency
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